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today was supposed to be productive - i was supposed to go in to polytech - but i’ve felt sick all day and my head hurts. it’s frustrating. forces seem to be working against me.

Anonymous asked:

what are your favourite shops? online and in nz. your style is perfect!

c. a. answered:

(assuming you mean for clothing?) i buy a lot of things from glassons and occasionally the other mall chain stores (cotton on, kmart for basics, dotti etc) —  and huffer, thing thing & five each are really good NZ labels that i would buy a lot more from if i could (from stencil if you’re in christchurch)

for online stores — topshop is good for shoes and dresses, the whitepepper, asos, american apparel - i think that’s about it!

(a lot of my clothes are from opshops too!)

and thank you !!!